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Web based resources

Geographical association
BBC Bitesize
Geography all the way
Ordnance Survey
World Geography Games
Internet Geography
Education Quizzes

KS3: Years 7-8

Year 7 - map skills / atlas skills, population and transport are the topics of the study.
BBC Bitesize - Geography KS3: excellent information site to aid work being set and revision pages that pupils can attempt to aid further learning and understanding.

Year 8 - land use and rivers. Work through booklets and work set by teachers. BBC Bitesize Geography KS3 sections on both topics and clips to watch. Revision exercises can be attempted.
Various internet sites - Cool geography, internet geography, etc

GCSE: Years 9-10

Year 9 - ecosystems and Rainforest. BBC Bitesize Geography KS4: work carefully through booklets. Use pages selectively to support booklets. Revision pages to dip in and attempt.
BBC iPlayer - Planet Earth / The Rainforest
Cool geography and various internet pages on offer
Links in your booklets

Year 10 - Rivers and Savannah and the UK.
BBC Bitesize
Cool geography
Internet geography
Links provided in your booklets

KS5: Year 12

Year 12 - complete AS level - tectonics, changing places and skills
WJEC site and use the google classroom
Links in your booklets

Key Stage 3

Year 7

Term 1

Map and Atlas skills.
Humanities/school project - 'Our world'.

Term 2

'Our world'.
Population and Transport.

Term 3

Mexico - Humanities project.

Year 8

Term 1

India – An emerging superpower.
Hazards – volcanoes and earthquakes.

Term 2

Physical geography - Rivers.

Term 3

Land use – Urban patterns and land use enquiry.

Year 9

Term 1

Coastal management local fieldwork.

Term 2

Social development.
Ecosystems and The Tropical Rainforest.

Term 3

Urban – rural change

Ways in which parents can help:

  1. Encouraging pupils to complete homework.
  2. Reading over completed work before it is handed in.
  3. Support where and when necessary.
  4. Access to I.T.
  5. Watching the news, being aware of what is happening locally, in the UK and the World - plastics in the oceans, climate change, renewable energy

Useful websites:

  1. coolgeography.co.uk
  2. internetgeography.net
  3. Google
  4. YouTube
  5. BBC

Useful books/magazines/publications:

  1. WJEC Geography GCSE - Hodder education
  2. "Wide world" GCSE geography magazine – Hodder education

For up to date information on KS4 and 5 courses, please see the Options Booklets

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