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Mrs A Mackey (Head of Department)

Key Stage 3

Year 7

Term 1

  • The Geography of Wales, looking at Porthcawl
  • Map skills
  • Population
  • The Culture of Wales

Term 2

  • National Parks
  • Transport

Term 3

  • Economic Geography - Tourism

Year 8

Term 1

  • The European Union and Introduction to Italy as an EU country
  • Physical geography – Rivers

Term 2

  • Settlement in Europe.
  • Extreme weather events – linked to climate change.

Term 3

  • The Weather and Climate of the UK and Italy
  • Italy throughout the 3 terms.

Year 9

Term 1

  • Tectonics

Term 2

  • Ecosystems

Term 3

  • Population

Ways in which parents can help

  1. Encouraging pupils to complete homework.
  2. Reading over completed work before it is handed in.
  3. Support where and when necessary.

Useful Websites

  1. Cool Geography
  2. Numerous sites accessed via Google
  3. Internetgeography
  4. BBC Clips

Useful Books/Magazines/Publications for Key Stage 3

  1. New Key geography series - Foundations, interactions and connections
  2. Key stage 3 geography - Outlook magazine

Key Stage 4

Geography GCSE

Geography is the world subject. It helps us make sense of the world. Geography gives you powerful knowledge of the world. It even helps you understand some of the other subjects that you are studying too.

Geography starts with you and extends to the furthest parts of the earth. It takes you to places and helps you understand them and how they are connected.

Geography is current and topical. Where else would you expect to discuss the impact of a changing climate, crime patterns in London and the importance of choosing what to buy in a supermarket?

With the new WJEC syllabus, each pupil will have the opportunity to look at how volcanoes and earthquakes bring so much destruction and what impact tsunamis have on the environment and the people affected. Do you want to understand what type of weather a depression brings or why anti-cyclones bring hot settled weather on a summer's day? Have you ever given a thought as to how the sea changes the coastline in Porthcawl? This is just physical geography.

In human geography you will discuss why China introduced the 'One Child Policy' and look at Cardiff's shopping centre - why did they build St. David's 2? Finally, you will study tourism and look at Antarctica - fancy a holiday there?


Assessment is two examination papers - a core paper 1 hour 45 minutes and an optional theme paper 1 hour 15 minutes. In addition candidates complete two pieces of controlled assessment, one fieldwork enquiry and one decision making task.

Career Opportunities

Choosing Geography at GCSE will provide you with plenty of opportunities for further progression at AS, A level, at university and in the workplace. It is a very versatile subject having a wide range of job skills that employers are looking for. A recent survey of employers in the north of England showed that after Maths and English, Geography is rated as one of the most useful subjects.

Geographers are able to present ideas; Geographers have great enquiry skills; Geographers are good at observing changes. More importantly, Geographers are flexible - they recognise that the world is rapidly changing and can adapt to new ideas and new situations.

Geography is therefore a very relevant subject for study at GCSE now and in the future.

Key Stage 5


Course Details

Qualification Level: AS & A Level
Awarding Body: WJEC
QAN Ref. No. - AS Level: 601/8484/X
QAN Ref. No. - A Level: 601/8455/3

Course Content

AS Level

AS Unit 1
Changing Landscapes - Tectonic Hazards Fieldwork Investigation

AS Unit 2
Changing Places Fieldwork Investigation

A2 Level

A2 Unit 3
Global Systems & Global Governance

A2 Unit 4
Contemporary Themes - a study of India, ecosystems and tectonics

A2 Unit 5
Independent Investigation

Research and fieldwork is essential for each unit of study.

Assessment Procedure

At AS, there are two written examinations with structured questions and data response in each;

Paper 1 - Written examination: 2 hours
Paper 2 - Written examination: 1 hour 30 minutes

At A2, both written papers are a mix of structured questions, data response and two essay questions. Finally, a 3000-4000 word Independent Investigation will be undertaken.

Paper 1 - Written examination: 2 hours
Paper 2 - Written examination: 2 hours
Non-exam assessment - 3000-4000 word Independent Investigation: 20% of qualification

Entry Requirements

Pupils require at least a C grade in GCSE Geography, Maths and English.


Geography is a useful subject and is considered as both a Science and an Arts subject. It can be studied on its own or in combination with a very wide range of subjects at degree level in higher education.

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