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Best Results Ever!

Thursday, 13 October 2016 Exams
Best Results Ever!


The students, their families and the school are all celebrating an excellent set of GCSE results. This year saw a large cohort of 212 students and the high quality of results is across the ability range, in total 3797 papers were sat.
There has been a significant improvement in the Welsh Government key indicators. The performance in the core subjects was very strong. The Level 2 (grades A* - C) for English was 79.5%, Maths 79.5% and Science a remarkable 98.6%. Based upon these returns the percentage of pupils gaining 5 or more A* - C (including English and Mathematics) improved to 70.5%.The core subject indicator (English, Mathematics and Science) saw improvement to 71%. An outstanding feature was the percentage of A*/A grades awarded with 32.9% of grades being awarded at this top level. The performance of English, Maths and Science was the best for the last 5 years. The Welsh Government started recording results in the current format in 2012, thus the English, Maths and Science are the best for Porthcawl since records began!
On a broader scale the number of pupils who gained 5 or more A* to C was over 80%. This is especially strong given the traditional GCSE based curriculum the school offers. The school is delighted that the learners across the ability range have all done so well. For the sixth year, no student has left our school without a recognised qualification.
This year’s results means the school’s performance compares very favourably with the authority and national figures.
A very impressive 40 students gained 8 or more GCSE grades at A*/A, and within this group, 9 gained an impressive 8 or more A*/A grades. Special mention must go to:-
Mitchell Davies 9A*, 2A
Harry Evans 9A*, 1A, 1A* (Short Course RS), 1B (Short Course Welsh) and a Distinction (Add Maths)
Thara Hopkin 10A*, 1A, 1D (Short Course Welsh)
Laurence Hunt 10A*, 1A, 1B (Short Course Welsh) and a Distinction (Add Maths)
Olivia Lewis 8A*, 3A, A* (Short Course ICT), Level 2 Essential Skills and a Distinction (Add Maths)
Layla Miller 8A*, 2A, 1B
Hannah Parry 8A*, 3A, 1A* (Short Course RS), 1C (Short Course Welsh), Food Safety and a Merit (Add Maths)
Emily Stradling 13 A*, 1B (Short Course Welsh) and a Distinction (Add Maths)
Anushruti Yadav 9A*, 1A, 1B, 1B (Short Course Welsh), 1A* (Short Course ICT), Level 2 Essential Skills and a Distinction (Add Maths)

Headteacher Mr Andrew Slade commented;
’’The whole of our school is delighted with these fantastic results. Governors, staff and students worked incredibly hard together and this success is justly deserved.
The school is at its strongest when all those involved with the school collaborate so well, with a common aim, each student reaching their potential.
This success will result in our learners being able to follow their chosen pathways, with the majority returning to Porthcawl to study in the Sixth Form. We wish all of Year 11 the very best.’’
Year 11
Shivprakash Arun 7A*, 4A, 1A* (Short Course RS), 1C (Short Course Welsh) and a Distinction (Add Maths)
Jenna Blake 6A*, 4A, 1D (Short Course Welsh), Pass (Add Maths)
Mai Blossom Brown 1A*, 7A, 2B, 1C, 1A (Short Course RS)
Jack Davies 5A*, 5A, 1B (Short Course Welsh) and a Merit (Add Maths)
Sam Edwards 4A*, 5A, 1B, 1B (Short Course RS), 1C (Short Course Welsh)
Jacob Evans 6A*, 2A, 2B, 1B (Short Course Welsh) and a Merit (Add Maths)
Robert Fenton 2A*, 8A, 1A (Short Course RS), 1A (Short Course ICT), 1B (Short Course Welsh), Level 2 Essential Skills and a Merit (Add Maths)
Bronty Freeman 3A*, 8A, 1A* (Short Course RS), 1B (Short Course Welsh), 1A (Short Course ICT), Food Safety, evel 2 Essential Skills
Lilli Furness 5A*, 6A, 1B
Chloe Green 7A*, 2A, 1B, 1B (Short Course Welsh)
Nia Hancock 1A*, 7A, 1B, 1C, 1A (Short Course RS), 1A (Short Course ICT), Level 2 Essential Skills
Hannah Cord-Jenkins 1A*, 7A, 1B, 1C, 1A* (Short Course RS), 1A (Short Course ICT), 1B (Short Course Welsh), Level 2 Essential Skills
Dania John 3A*, 5A, 2B, 1C, 1B (Short Course Welsh)
Katie John 6A*, 4A, 1B (Short Course Welsh) and a Distinction (Add Maths)
Lois John 2A*, 8A, 1C, 1A (Short Course Welsh), Food Safety
Claudia Keepins 3A*, 6A, 3B, 1A* (Short Course RS)
Rhianwen Keirl 1A*, 7A, 3B
Bella Lloyd 2A*, 7A, 2B, 1D (Short Course Welsh)
Patrick Mathew 6A*, 2A, 2B, 1A* (Short Course RS), 1A* (Short Course ICT), 1B (Short Course Welsh) Level 2 Essential Skills
Tara Phillips 7A*, 3A, 1B, 1A* (Short Course RS), 1A (Short Course Welsh) and a Distinction (Add Maths)
Lilli Price-Bevan 6A*, 5A, 1A* (Short Course RS), 1C (Short Course Welsh) and a Merit (Add Maths)
Mit Russell 4A*, 5A, 1B, 1C (Short Course RS), 1C (Short Course Welsh)
Jodie Sinclair 4A*, 4A, 1B, 1C, 1B (Short Course Welsh)
Shannon Sumner 4A*, 4A, 4B, 1A (Short Course RS)
Sachin Sunil 2A*, 6A, 3B, 1D (Short Course Welsh), Food Safety
Caitlin Toy 6A*, 3A, 1C, 1A* (Short Course RS), 1C (Short Course Welsh)
George Walters 2A*, 6A, 3B, 1B (Short Course RS), 1C (Short Course Welsh)
Harry Watkins 5A*,4A, 1B, 1C, 1C (Short Course RS), 1C (Short Course Welsh) and a Distinction (Add Maths)
Alice Webber 6A*, 2A, 2B, 1A* (Short Course RS), 1C (Short Course Welsh)
Laura Webster 5A*, 6A
Hannah Worth 4A*, 6A, 1C, 1D (Short course Welsh), Food Safety and a Distinction (Add Maths)

Porthcawl Comprehensive School

’A’ Level Results 2016

This year 124 students sat an amazing 360 A level papers. The most remarkable fact is the quality of the results; the pass rate (A* to E) was a fantastic 99%, with 30% A/A*. This outstanding performance underlines Porthcawl as a truly inclusive school. Students have reached, and in most cases exceeded, their potential.

Students at AS and A2 have had their endeavour rewarded with excellent results. There is a large debt of gratitude for teachers who have worked so hard once again this year and for parents who have supported their sons and daughters. Excellent results truly reflect the effective partnership between a school, its learners and the support from home.

There were many stand out performers with 14 students gaining 3 As or better at A level. Felicity Williamson-Sarll achieved 3A* and 1A and we wish her well as she embarks upon her Law degree at Cambridge. The Russell Group is the most prestigious group of UK universities, last year the average UK entry per school was 11%. We are delighted to report that 23% have secured places at Russell Group universities, well above the UK average.

Headteacher Mr Slade commented that this excellent series of results will ensure Porthcawl students have secured places at some of the best universities in the country. Mr Slade continued to congratulate staff and students who were praised for their hard work and steadfast dedication. Mr Slade concluded that the results were especially impressive given the large size of the entry; with over 360 papers being sat at A level.

The following departments performed exceptionally, with pass rates 85% or above (A* to C): English, Mathematics, Further Mathematics, Physics, History, Geography, Spanish, German, Business Studies, Law, Religious Studies, Drama, Electronics, and Textiles.

The following Year 13 pupils performed exceptionally well at A level:

Ben Cannon A*AAB
Joseph Conniff-Jenkins AAA
Matthew Dang AAA
Megan Fish A*AA
Grace Flower A*AA
Ryan Haney AAA
Megan Jones AAA
Richard Lugg AAA
Rebecca Page AAA
Anoushka Pill-Williams A*AA
Harriet Rees AAA
Sophie Rees A*A*A
Ishan Shah AAA
Felicity Williamson-Sarll A*A*A*A

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