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Changes to the English Groups for September 2016

Sunday, 2 October 2016 English
Changes to the English Groups for September 2016

Pupil Grouping September 2016
Key Stage 3
Year 7 mixed ability groups
Year 8 mixed ability groups
8Y1 boys only group 8Y2 girls only group 8Y3 mixed boys and girls
8X1 boys only group 8X2 girls only group X3 & X4 mixed boys and girls
Year 9 pupils are grouped according to assessment scores
(Common assessments and programmes of study for all KS3 groups)
Key Stage 4
Year 10 pupils are grouped according to assessment scores
(10X1,2,3, 4 GCSE Language and Literature Groups 5 & 6 GCSE Language)
(10Y1,2,3 GCSE Language and Literature Group 4 GCSE Language)
Important information about X 1 &2 and Y 1 & 2 - Groups 1 and 2 on X and Y band are parallel top sets. The highest achieving pupils eg. those on level 8 will be in both of these groups. They are equal top sets. The numbers 1 and 2 are just labels on the timetable. We will refer to them as ’top groups’. All sit the same GCSE Language and Literature papers.
Please note that the new GCSE Language examination is untiered. The traditional ’higher’ and ’foundation’ tiers have been replaced with one common paper for all. Therefore, all GCSE pupils will sit the same Language paper. They can achieve grades A*,A,B,C,D,E,F,G,U. Grades A*-G = pass at GCSE. U = fail / unclassified. A grade C or higher is often favoured by employers, colleges and is usually the requirement for sixth form entry.
Pupils’ progress and performances throughout year 10 will determine whether or not they continue to study GCSE Literature (if placed in groups 1,2 or 3). Class teachers, the Head of Faculty and Second/KS4 co-ordinator will monitor performance. We will move pupils off the Literature course if we believe that they are not making adequate progress so they can concentrate on improving their GCSE Language skills.
Year 11
Pupils will remain in their yr 10 groups
11X1,2,3 GCSE Language and Literature X4 GCSE Language
11Y1,2,3 GCSE Language and Literature Y4 GCSE Language

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