Porthcawl Comprehensive School / Ysgol Gyfun Porthcawl


1. Standards
- Maintain or improve high standards across all measures
  1. To achieve targets as outlined in this document
  2. Monitor to ensure progress of identified discrete groups of learners
  3. Respond to the work being undertaken on the development of consistent performance measures for Post-16
  4. Demonstrate progress in literacy, numeracy and digital literacy against the National Frameworks
  5. Improve outcomes in full course Welsh and the up-take of Welsh Post-16
2. Wellbeing and Attitudes to learning
- Enhance and embed the wellbeing curriculum
  1. Working alongside pioneer schools and others, including cluster primaries forming a wide variety of partnerships to develop best practice
  2. Ensure the school canteen is fully compliant and we analyse Nutritional Standards
  3. Continue to offer opportunities for the well-being of staff
  4. Embed, refine and build on the successful behaviour strategies
3. Teaching and Learning Experiences
- Response to the New Curriculum for Wales 2022
- Learner voice on the curriculum and lesson delivery
  1. Ensure the school curriculum creation group continues to focus on excellent teaching and learning, when developing the New Curriculum for Wales
  2. All staff to focus on excellent lesson delivery
  3. Work in partnership with an initial teacher training institution to develop the latest pedagogical principles
4. Care, Support and Guidance
- Continued response to ALNET bill
  1. All teachers are responsible for all children
  2. Ensure equality of access at extra-curricular activities
  3. Strengthen the role of the school council and associate Governors
  4. Review and refine on-line education for all
5. Leadership and Management
- Leaders to continue to work to move remaining Good lessons to Excellent
  1. Further work on the Professional Standards for teaching and leadership for serving teachers and leaders
  2. Leaders to work to develop teaching and learning, moving from Good to Excellent
  3. Continue to review budget pressures
  4. Continue to respond to Safety at school

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