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Sixth Form Consultation BCBC

Thursday, December 19, 2019 General Information

Update 06.01.2020.
The consultation at Porthcawl will take place on the 6th February at 5pm, further details to follow.

19 December 2019

Dear Parent / Carer,

Post 16 / Sixth Form Education

I write to inform you of a public consultation exercise being carried out by Bridgend County Borough Council (BCBC). The Council is consulting on the future of post 16 or Sixth Form education. I have read the consultation document and feel there is no overt or direct threat to the future of our Sixth Form. We have a large, vibrant and very successful Sixth Form so I feel there is no valid argument to change. Our inclusive Sixth Form meets the needs of Porthcawl students and we have a proud tradition of academic excellence.

The consultation document has these options for consideration, briefly these are:-
– Option 1. A mix of school Sixth Forms with some mergers to create a new local authority maintained Sixth Form centre(s)
– Option 2. A mix of school Sixth Forms with some mergers to create a new FE College governed Sixth Form Centre(s)
– Option 3. The retention of Sixth Forms in all schools – the current position (ie, a distributed teaching model based upon collaboration but with further development in order to improve the delivery of this option.

I have read the document carefully and note that under Option 1 ’’It is proposed that this (Porthcawl) is one of the retained Sixth Forms, under Option 2 Porthcawl is seen as the Sixth Form Centre in the west of the Borough. Finally Option 3 will see all schools retain their Sixth Forms. Thus my conclusion is there is little threat to the continued success of the Sixth Form at this school.

Having carefully considered the consultation proposed our view is that Option 3 is most suitable. The school would very much appreciate your support by participating in the consultation exercise to send a very positive message from our school community.

It is our view that the school has a successful, sustainable and vibrant Sixth Form that has, currently does and will meet the needs of our students.

The consultation document is available at www.bridgend.gov.uk/consultations .

There is a public consultation event to be held here at school in the Spring Term 2020.

I look forward to your much valued and continued support of our school.

Yours sincerely

A Slade

A Slade

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