Porthcawl Comprehensive School / Ysgol Gyfun Porthcawl

School Aims

Below are the aims we have set out to achieve at Porthcawl Comprehensive School.

  • Provide a healthy, safe and secure environment that will secure the wellbeing of all, enabling all to engage fully in the school and its community.
  • Ensure that every pupil is encouraged through a variety of learning opportunities to confidently achieve and develop the knowledge and skills necessary to succeed in adult life.
  • Ensure that all are happy, healthy and free from bullying, abuse or exploitation in order to achieve their absolute best.
  • Provide opportunities for young people to take part in, develop and enjoy a wide variety of learning, sporting and cultural activities.
  • Provide an inclusive education that develops all pupils’ personalities, abilities and moral values, encouraging them to respect other people, cultures and the environment whilst celebrating their own cultural identity.
  • Ensure that all pupils, regardless of their backgrounds and individual differences, will be valued, and will receive an equality of opportunity.
  • Encourage all pupils to participate in decision making, where their opinions will be valued, considered and responded to.

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  • School Prospectus

    School Prospectus

    Important information that may be useful for pupils and parents.

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    Our school newsletter, ‘The Porthcawl Post’, is published once a term.

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    Notice Board

    Keep up to date with the latest open evenings, forums and other activities within the school.

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