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‘Ready to Learn’

The Porthcawl Pupil is always “Ready to Learn”

The Porthcawl Pupil shows respect to staff and peers.
Staff at Porthcawl Comprehensive School believe in and commit to Powerful Routines.
We make these explicit, and we return to them often.




These are our daily habits and expectations:

  • Puncuality
    • Arrive to school and all lessons on time.
    • Line up outside of the classroom.
    • Enter the classroom when your teacher tells you to do so.
  • In lesson
    • Sit in your allocated seat.
    • Ensure you have the correct equipment. E.g. books, pens,
    • Answer register clearly in Welsh.
    • Work hard. Be respectful. Follow instructions first time. Never
      give up.
  • Uniform
    • Wear uniform as stated in our School Uniform Policy.
    • Remove jackets / coats upon arrival to lessons.
    • Only wear PCS hooded tops to PE lessons.
    • Not wear Jewellery.
  • Mobile Phones & Headphones
    • Not be seen with a mobile phone – unless instructed by a
      member of staff.
    • Expect to have phones confiscated if used without consent.
    • Not use Headphones / EarPods.
    • Expect these items to be confiscated.
  • Movement around school
    • Walk around the school site in an orderly manner.
    • Only consume food and drink at break or lunchtime.
    • Only drink water in lessons, but not in labs or ICT Suites.
    • Have written consent from a member of staff to leave lessons.
  • School Buildings
    • Treat all school buildings, designated break and lunchtime areas
      and equipment with respect.
    • Queue if required and asked.
    • Put all rubbish in the correct bin and place plates and cutlery in
      designated areas of the canteen.

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