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What to do if…

You are being bullied – Tell somebody, your form tutor or your Head of Year.


As a pupil of Porthcawl Comprehensive School, I understand that:

  • I have the right to be happy, safe and to be treated with respect inside school.
  • I also have the right to travel to and from school without being bullied.
  • I will always treat others with respect.
  • I will not tolerate bullying; neither will I bully others.
  • I will not judge others by appearance alone.
  • I will accept others regardless of race, religion, culture or disability.
  • If I am bullied, I will tell an adult and ask for help – bullying is too serious not to be reported.
  • The school will treat complaints of bullying seriously.
  • The school will then deal with bullying quickly, firmly and fairly.


If bullied a pupil is advised to:

  • try to stay calm and look as confident as they can
  • be firm and clear; look the bully in the eye and tell them to stop
  • get away from the situation as quickly as you can
  • tell an adult e.g. a teacher, what has happened straight away
  • tell the ‘Peer support listening service’
  • tell their family
  • take a friend with them if they are scared to tell an adult by themselves
  • use the support services in school
  • not blame themselves for what has happened

Click here to download the School Strategic Equality Plan 2019-2020.


Advice from the Welsh Government


Click here to download our ‘Are you being bullied?’ leaflet.


Advice to Bullied Pupils / The Role of Parents/Carers

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