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School Improvement Plan

Porthcawl Comprehensive School 3 Year Strategy ‘On A Page’ (2023 – 2026)

Development Priorities for Year 2 of School Improvement Plan 

Priority 1:  Highly Effective Leadership at all Levels (IA3)

1.1 The ‘Curriculum for Porthcawl’

1.2 Refined systems & structure for self-evaluation

1.3 High quality professional learning growth

1.4 Cross-curricular skills across the curriculum

1.5 Widen the opportunities for pupils to develop their Welsh language skills

1.6 A broad & balanced curriculum (2025)

Priority 2: Outstanding, Curriculum, Learning & Teaching (IA1)

2.1 Highly effective design, development, and delivery of the ‘Curriculum for Porthcawl’

2.2 Consistently high standards of teaching and learning (Reduce variation with and improve quality of teaching)

2.3 Consistently high standards of assessment across the curriculum

Priority 3: Exceptional Wellbeing, Equity and Inclusion (IA2)

3.1 Improved attendance

3.2 A continued culture and ethos which embodies a holistic understanding of our pupils, and their wellbeing needs

3.3 Consistently strong behaviour, values, and expectations

3.4 Wellbeing is not ‘Invisible’

Please find a link to our Self Evaluation Summary from the 2023-2024 academic year here: PCS 2023-2024 Self Evaluation Summary

Please find a link to a summary of our School Improvement Plans (SIP) here: Year 2 SIP Summary & Priorities 2023-2026

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