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  • Key Stage 3

    Year 7

    Project 1

    Pupils are introduced to the concept of Expressive Arts through an introductory task which introduces the ideas of communicating through non-verbal means i.e. signs and symbols.

    In Art, pupils will design and make a ceramic piece which reflects symbols based on their own identity.

    Skills across Expressive Arts: Communication skills, Imaginative responses, Problem solving.

    Project 2

    Learners will explore ‘What it means to be Welsh’, and strengthen their appreciation for Welsh traditions culminating in a celebration of pupil’s work at the annual school Eisteddfod.

    In Art, the focus will be on investigating and interpreting stories from the Mabinogi to produce illustrations. This will combine imaginative responses and elements of observational drawing.

    Skills across Expressive Arts: Observational Drawing, Imaginative Composition, Performance Skills, Storytelling Skills, Vocal Skills, Communication Skills.

    Project 3

    Learners will explore a sense of identity and belonging through the lens of African tribal cultures.
    In Art, they will be exploring patterns and how they can be manipulated to create repeat sequences which can be transferred to fabric.

    Skills across Expressive Arts: Pattern, Colour, Ceramic Work, Movement Skills, Ensemble Skills, Singing Skills, Keyboard Skills, Rhythm Skills.

    Year 8

    Term 1

    Graphic Design:

    Pupils are introduced to the work of Bridget Riley and start to explore the concepts of abstract art, focussing on how line, shape and pattern can convey meaning. This theme of visual communication is developed and pupils are given a series of tasks/design briefs such as decorating letters, logo design and experimentation with text.

    They look at a range of artists and designers related to the theme. They also produce a storyboard and study relevant artists from Roy Lichtenstein to Frank Quitely.

    Term 2

    Creative Themes:

    Pupils are encouraged to develop designs for their own “Mythical Creatures” and look at a wide range of source material, from “Flanimals” to the work of Surrealists such as Salvador Dali.

    Outcomes are produced in a range of media, such as drawing, frottage and print-making, as well as creative writing.

    Term 3


    Extension Work may be adapted to produce a 3D creature using clay. Pupils consider suitable strange environments for their creatures and look at relevant artists for inspiration.

    As preparation for Year 9 work, which explores colour and pattern, pupils look at work from other cultures, such as Aboriginal Art and produce a painted outcome in response to increasingly independent research.

    Year 9

    Term 1

    Pupils begin to experiment with the concept of positive and negative space to produce two painted images, extracting half-tones, based on a portrait of their choice.

    They look at the use of chiaroscuro in painting, film and other media, making connections to their own work.

    As preparation for a final coloured painting, pupils look at the work of Hundertwasser and start to explore the concepts of colour theory in greater detail. They also make observational drawings from natural forms, focussing on pattern.

    Term 2

    Pupils enhance their understanding of the work of Hundertwasser and the influence of Art Nouveau.
    They produce a produce a colourful patterned painting in the style of Hundertwasser and investigate his life and work, making links to their own outcomes.

    Term 3

    • Extension Work may be adapted to explore a range of media and techniques, such as Computer Aided Design, 3D outcomes/Ceramics.
    • Pupils are encouraged to consider the presentation of their work and produce interesting design sheets to showcase their work.
    • They are encouraged to further their investigations into colour and pattern by looking at work from different cultures.

    Ways in which parents can help:

    • Ensure that pupils come to Art lessons with appropriate equipment.
    • Support pupils with homework tasks.
    • If possible, ensure that pupils have access to a variety of materials at home, such as colouring pencils, glue, etc.
    • Try to experience works of art first hand, with trips to galleries/museums.

    Useful websites:

    Useful books/magazines/publications:

    • The 20th Century Art Book.
    • Ways of Seeing, By John Berger.
    • The Story of Art – Gombrich

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