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Mr R Pettit (Head of Technology Department and Teacher in charge of Art)

Pupils complete design and make tasks in Product Design, Textiles & Food Technology.

For up to date information on KS4 and 5 courses, please see the Options Booklets

  • Key Stage 3

    Year 7

    Product Design

    Pupils are taught a number of skills that will enable them to design and make a simple product. They start by analysing existing products and developing their graphics skills. During the year they produce a wooden storage system and will do simple electronics. They will also work on a Rocket Project.


    Pupils learn about the safe use of the sewing machine and irons.
    They also use fabric decorating techniques e.g. hand embroidery. A soft toy is made from recycled fabrics.

    Food Technology

    Pupils look at Healthy Eating and develop their practical skills. They will make a variety of dishes such as stir fry, crumble and a vegetable curry.

    Year 8

    Product Design

    Pupils develop a range of skills that enable them to design and make products from wood, metal and plastic. They create a metal coat hook, which is plastic dip coated with a laser cut graphic. Packaging is also a part of the project, allowing pupils to develop their CAD/CAM and ICT skills.


    They learn computer aided fabric decorating techniques, using embroidery machines and applique. Pupils will also recap the safe use of the sewing machine and embroidery machine. Pupils design and make a Welsh themed cushion.

    Food Technology

    Food module based on an introduction to nutrition and The Eat Well Guide. They develop their practical skills and make a variety of dishes such as Bolognese sauce, and low sugar fairy cakes. They then design and make a pasta dish.

    Year 9

    Product Design

    Pupils build on a range of skills that enable them to design and make products. They design and make a LED lamp.


    Pupils design and make a bag based on the history of art and design products. They learn quilting, sublimation printing, layering, potato printing and tie dye. Pupils will choose an appropriate method to use in their bag design.

    Food Technology

    Pupils complete a mini enterprise activity by designing and making cakes which they sell to raise money for charity.


    Ways in which parents can help:

    1. Check pupil planners and ensure homework is always completed.
    2. To discuss existing products and their good or bad design features, especially soft toys, soup, cushions, pasta dishes, photo frames, bags, cakes, storage pods and small storage systems.
    3. Encourage children to eat healthily and be aware of more healthy foods and to cook with their children at home.
    4. Find an old fabric item which your child can bring in to make into a toy.
    5. Encourage children to bring the correct equipment to school for lessons. Pencil, rule, black fine line pen and coloured pencils.
    6. Help them complete a mood board on Wales.
    7. Help pupils complete their textiles mood board, what teenagers like now compared to what teenagers used to like years ago.

    Useful websites:

    • Technology Student Website
    • Department YouTube Channel: D&T Tips has video materials to help demonstrate practical activities and processes.

    Useful books/magazines/publications:

    1. How it’s made television programmes
    2. Cooking / food programmes
    3. Recipe books

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