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Religious Studies

Mrs L Cartwright (Head of Department)

For up to date information on KS4 and 5 courses, please see the Options Booklets

  • Key Stage 3

    Year 7

    Term 1 – Worship and Ritual

    Worship and Ritual – general overview
    Idea of God in Hinduism
    Hindu worship – at home and in the mandir
    Between October and December pupils will be involved in the preparation for a whole school project entitled ‘Our World’ where we will study the ‘Past, present and future’ within the Humanities faculty.

    Term 2 – Worship and Ritual

    Between January and February pupils will complete and present their final ‘Our World’ project.
    Hindu worship – at home and in the mandir

    Term 3 – Journey of Life

    Christian worship
    Significant meals
    The Last Supper
    Holy Communion
    After Whitsun, pupils will work on a DCF project within the Humanities faculty for 3 weeks. The focus will be on the theme of ‘Mexico’.



    Year 8

    Term 1 – Freedom and Slavery

    Concepts of freedom and slavery
    Introduction to the Passover
    The importance of the Seder Meal
    Rastafarianism and the wearing of religious clothing

    Term 2 – Freedom and Slavery

    Prejudice and Discrimination
    The Holocaust
    The Jewish idea of God

    Term 3 – Freedom and Slavery

    The life and work of Martin Luther King Jr
    Comparisons to the actions of Malcom X



    Year 9

    Term 1 – GCSE Christianity: Core beliefs, teachings and practices

    The nature of God
    The Trinity
    The birth, life, death, resurrection and ascension of Jesus
    The Teachings of Jesus

    Term 2 – GCSE Christianity / GCSE Hinduism: Core beliefs, teachings and practices

    The role of the Church
    The Persecution of Christians
    Interfaith Dialogue
    The Sacraments
    The nature of Brahman and the atman
    The Trimurti
    Vaishnavite and Shaivaite traditions
    The importance of Ganesha

    Term 3 – GCSE Hinduism: Core beliefs, teachings and practices

    Worship – Puja
    Changing attitudes to the caste system
    Ashramas (Stages in life) including birth, marriage and death rituals

    Ways in which parents can help:

    1. Check planners to ensure pupils have completed any homework.
    2. Assist pupils with their revision for tests and exams.
    3. Don’t reinforce any prejudices they may have about religion and encourage open minds.

    Useful websites:

    Useful books/magazines/publications:

    • The Encyclopaedia of Religion
    • Current newspapers/magazines

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