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PE & Sport

Mr A Stradling (Head of Department)

The PE curriculum provides a balanced and varied physical activity programme and, where possible, gives equal opportunity to boys and girls.

At KS3 pupils follow all major sports which include hockey, netball, rugby, football, basketball and athletics together with gymnastics, swimming, badminton, volleyball, tennis, baseball, rounders, cricket and health related exercise.

At KS4 the curriculum is broadened so pupils experience activities other than the major sports.

The department feels that all pupils should be given the opportunity to experience a variety of sports. Our aim is to provide enjoyment, enthusiasm and opportunity for pupils to take part in physical education both in school and when they leave.

For up-to-date information and resources on KS4 and KS5 courses, please see the department websites below

  • Key Stage 3

    We encourage our pupils to become more physically literate are through the following activities:

    • Rugby
    • Football
    • Hockey
    • Netball
    • Basketball
    • Badminton
    • Volleyball
    • Gymnastics
    • Swimming
    • Athletics
    • Tennis
    • Rounders
    • Baseball

    Ways in which parents can help:

    1. Emphasise physical activity at home. “It’s a fact that active parents have active children, so to ensure children reap the benefits of physical activity, such as muscle strength, cardiovascular health, and flexibility, children need to be exposed to an active lifestyle at home”.
    2. Encourage children to take part in some form of moderate activity for at least one hour a day.
    3. Reinforce the importance of PE on the national curriculum and be supportive of their child’s regular participation.

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