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Mr E Holt (Head of Department)

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For up to date information on KS4 and 5 courses, please see the Options Booklets

  • Key Stage 3

    Year 7

    Term 1

    What is History?
    The Norman conquest
    The Welsh princes and the conquest of Wales
    “Our World”

    Term 2

    “Our World”
    The Medieval Church
    King John and the Magna Carta

    Term 3

    The Black Death
    Mexico project
    Medieval manor/towns

    Year 8

    Term 1

    The Tudors and Stuarts
    The Spanish Armada

    Term 2

    The voyages of discovery
    Native Americans

    Term 3

    The Aztecs
    The American frontier

    Year 9

    Term 1

    The Industrial Revolution
    19th Century Crime e.g. Jack the Ripper

    Term 2

    Significant events and people of the 20th Century e.g. Pearl Harbour
    The Titanic
    World War I

    Term 3

    World War II
    Nazi Germany
    American Popular Culture


    Ways in which parents can help:

    1. Encourage pupils to complete homework and use Google Classroom in an effective and appropriate manner.
    2. Help to ensure work is copied up and that pupils act on feedback when necessary e.g. completion of unfinished tasks.
    3. Pupils should try to develop their wider knowledge when possible. This can be achieved through an encouragement of wider reading and research e.g. historical documentaries, online reading material and historical articles.

    Useful websites:

    1. BBC Bitesize
    2. BBC History
    3. BBC Schools: History
    4. Spartacus Educational

    Useful books/magazines/publications:

    1. BBC History Magazine
    2. Medieval Minds, Think through History series by Byrom, Counsell and Riley.
    3. Modern Minds: The Twentieth Century World, Think through History series by Byrom, Counsell Gorman, Peaple and Riley.
    4. In Search of History, 1485-1714 by J.F. Aylett.

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