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Personal & Social Education

For up to date information on KS4 and 5 courses, please see the Options Booklets

  • Key Stage 3

    Year 7

    Term 1

    Rights and responsibilities
    School council and elections
    Skills day
    Stranger danger
    Moving up – progress file
    Successful Lives

    Term 2

    Kiddo’s choice – All Wales Police programme
    Progress file
    Careers – Looking at Yourself
    Study Skills
    Smoking ‘stub it out’

    Term 3

    Money sense
    Key skills
    Careers – new jobs and old
    Careers – stereotypes
    Digital competence
    Progress file

    Year 8

    Term 1

    Rights and responsibilities
    School council
    SEAL activities – social and emotional skill development
    Progress file
    Careers – decisions, decisions

    Term 2

    Progress file
    Key skills
    Class act – All Wales Police Programme
    Financial Literacy
    Study skills

    Term 3 – Freedom and Slavery

    Progress file
    Body Image
    Careers – stereotypes
    Digital competence

    Year 9

    Term 1

    Rights and responsibilities
    School council
    Conflict resolution
    Personal hygiene

    Term 2

    Enterprise in Action – EBP
    Progress File
    Internet safety – All Wales Police Programme
    Financial Literacy
    Study skills

    Term 3

    Progress file
    Substance misuse
    Samaritans – sources of support
    Digital competence


    Ways in which parents can help:

    1. Learning from real-life experiences is central to personal and social development. PSE sessions help learners to access balanced factual information from a range of sources, and enable them to become more aware of alternative viewpoints. PSE provides excellent opportunities for learners to discuss local and global contemporary issues.
    2. Assist pupils with their revision for tests and exams.
    3. Don’t reinforce any prejudices they may have about religion and encourage open minds.

    Useful websites:

    Useful books/magazines/publications:

    • The Encyclopaedia of Religion
    • Current newspapers/magazines
  • Key Stage 4

    Years 10 and 11

    Healthy eating
    Mental Wellbeing
    Mindfulness & Stress
    Suicide Awareness
    Gender Issues
    Interview techniques
    Human Rights
    Hate Crimes
    Sexual Education and Consent
    Safe / abusive relationships

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