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Year 6 Virtual Open Evening 2021

We are delighted to welcome you to our Year 6 Virtual Open Evening for 2021.

The following link also gives access to further information and video clips produced by some of our year 9 pupils, as well as the opportunity to provide feedback: PCS Open Evening Site.

Please direct any questions or queries you may have to [email protected].

Moving from Primary Schools

Primary schools will shortly be issuing letters to the parents/carers of Year 6 pupils regarding the move to secondary school next September.

For children born between 1 September 2010 and 31 August 2011, transferring from junior/primary school (Year 6) to secondary school (Year 7) in September 2022, the timing of the admission round is as follows:

Opening date for submission of applications
Closing date for receipt of applications by the local authority
10am on Monday 18 October 2021
4pm on Friday 21 January 2022

Parents/carers are advised that an application for a Year 7 place must be submitted. There is no automatic admission to any secondary school, regardless of the primary or junior school that a child currently attends.


The school operates a two week time table – Week A and Week B.

School Timetable

Lesson start times are set below – note that there are six lessons on a Monday and a Friday.

Timings below are for all year groups.

Monday and Friday
Time Activity
8.45 am Registration & Morning Assembly
9.00 am Lesson 1
9.50 am Lesson 2
10.40 am Break
11.00 am Lesson 3
11.50 am Lesson 4
12.40 pm Lunch
1.20 pm Lesson 5
2.10 pm Lesson 6
3.00 pm End of Day
Tuesday to Thursday
Time Activity
8.45 am Registration & Morning Assembly
9.00 am Lesson 1
10.00 am Lesson 2
11.00 am Break
11.20 am Lesson 3
12.20 pm Lesson 4
1.20 pm Lunch
2.00 pm Lesson 5
3.00 pm End of Day

Term dates for the year 2021/22

Spring Term 2022 Summer Term 2022
Begins Tuesday 4 January 2022 Monday 25 April 2022
Half term Monday 21 February 2022 – Friday 25 February 2022 Monday 30 May 2022 – Friday 3 June 2022
Ends Friday 8 April 2022 Friday 22 July 2022

Term dates for the year 2022/23

Autumn Term 2022 Spring Term 2023 Summer Term 2023
Begins Monday 5 September 2022 Monday 9 January 2023 Monday 17 April 2023
Half Term Monday 31 October 2022 – Friday 4 November 2022 Monday 20 February 2023- Friday 24 February 2023 Monday 29 May 2023 – Friday 2 June 2023
Ends Friday 23 December 2022 Friday 31 March 2023 Monday 24 July 2023


Years 7 to 11
  • White shirt with stiff collar
  • School tie (school ties are available to buy from school reception)
  • Navy blue v-neck jumper / sweatshirt with school badge (school badges are available to buy from school reception)
  • Navy blue trousers of traditional style / navy blue plain or pinstripe knee-length skirt (not stretchy or lycra)
  • Dark socks / black tights
  • Flat black shoes (no canvas shoes)
  • Plain dark overcoat / anorak


  • Will my son/daughter be in a tutor group with their friends?
    • When joining us from one of the local primary schools there will always be someone in the same form as your son/daughter from their primary school. This may not necessarily be their “best friend” though. We want to pupils to make new friends when they join us and become Porthcawl Comprehensive school pupils.
    • If a pupil joins us from out of catchment and only knows one or two other pupils we will do our best to make sure they are placed with someone they know.
    • Tutor groups are created taking into account a number of different factors including:
      • ensuring groups are balanced academically
      • ensuring groups include students from a number of schools
      • ensuring students who are transferring to us on their own are paired up to help them to make friends.
    • Transition is an anxious time for some, whilst others take it in their stride. We recognise that everyone reacts differently – students, parents and carers. The Transition process and visits are designed to support your child through this transition. Although it can be daunting, the opportunity to make new friends will, in the long run, be beneficial to all.
  • Who do I contact with a query?
    • If your query is in relation to the transition process then please contact Mrs. Sloggett, Deputy Head, either via email [email protected] or by phoning the school on 01656 774100
    • If your query is once your child has joined us, you can contact the form tutor via writing in your child’s planner or phone the Head of Year.
    • Absences from school should be reported daily before 9.30am via the designated absence line 01656 774170. Please follow any absence with a letter confirming the reason for your child’s absence on their return.
    • All new parents/carers are encouraged to sign up for the ParentApp which is the school’s main form of communication.
  • What support is available for my child?
    • We have a strong pastoral team with each year group having a Head of Year, supported by Assistant Head of Year and a member of the Senior Leadership Team.
    • If your child has Additional Learning Needs they will be supported by the ALNCo and the AN Department.
    • The school has a strong wellbeing team based in Ty Enfys. We have 3 fulltime non-teaching pastoral staff and are also able to access support from outside agencies.
    • The school benefits from the services of 2 Lead Youth Workers and also a school based counsellor.
    • Pupils are able to attend drop-in sessions with the School Health Nurse.
  • How will my child travel to school?
    • Car – If you are planning to drive your child to school, please be aware that there is very limited parking space at the front of the school. Please consider dropping your child nearby, so they can walk the last few hundred metres to school. If you do park on Park Avenue, please park considerately and avoid blocking driveways and entrances for those who live near the school. Please be mindful that it is a busy road at the start and end of the school day, with a number of buses also dropping off and collecting pupils.
    • Bus – There are a number of buses that support the school, some provided by Bridgend Council and some privately run. For information on whether or not your child is eligible to free transport please contact reception in school in the first instance. We will also be able to provide details of the companies who run the private services.
    • Bike – A small number of pupils do cycle to school and there is a bike shelter for their use near A block. It is important that bikes are locked securely on the school grounds, (the best way is to lock the bike frame and rear wheel to the bike rack and to make sure that the lock is facing the ground). Students cycling to school should ensure that they are dressed appropriately (including bright clothing and a helmet) and that their bike is regularly maintained to ensure safety. Students must cycle sensibly and have regard for other users of roads and pathways. Students are not allowed to ride their bikes anywhere on the school site.
    • On foot – Please ensure your child is familiar with a safe route to school and in bad weather that they are appropriately dressed. Many parents/carers choose to practice the route with their child during the summer holidays prior to joining us.

    Safety is extremely important when travelling to and from the school by any means of transport. If your child is walking or cycling to school, please ensure that they are aware of the pedestrian crossings locally and the safest routes to school.

    Your child is representing the school on the way to and from school and our uniform is recognisable. Therefore, please ensure that your child is aware of their conduct when travelling to and from school.

  • What about medical appointments?
    • Non-urgent appointments should, wherever possible, be made out of school hours. If a student is absent and no reason has been provided a message will usually be sent requesting a reason for the absence.

    Without a note any absence cannot be authorized and must go down as an unauthorized absence. Attendance records form part of the annual report which goes home to parents/carers.

    Without a note any absence cannot be authorized and must go down as an unauthorized absence. Attendance records form part of the annual report which goes home to parents/carers.

  • Can I take my child on holiday during term time?
    • Parents/carers do not have an automatic right to withdraw pupils from school during the school term for a holiday. Under the Education (pupil registration) (Wales) Regulations 2010, head teachers have discretion to authorise a holiday of up to 10 days during term time, over 10 days can only be authorised in exceptional circumstances.
    • Requests for holidays must be by a letter to the Head teacher.
    • The head teacher will make the decision and may include the following contributory factors:
      1. 1. Time of year.
      2. 2. Length of time.
      3. 3. Overall percentage of attendance.
      4. 4. Impact on the child’s learning e.g. proximity of examinations.
  • What should I do if my son/daughter is late for school?
    • Punctuality is a legal requirement and pupils must attend on time. Persistent lateness has a detrimental effect on a child’s learning and also disrupts other pupils within the class and throughout the school. Those parents/carers of pupils who are persistently late will be contacted by the Head of Year.
    • The school has a set of procedures for lateness. (see school ‘Punctuality and Lateness’ policy on the school website).
    • All pupils who are late (arrive after the gates have been locked) must sign in at the attendance office or reception and must enter through reception in ‘A’ block.
  • What enrichment activities are there?

    Staff offer a very broad range of extra-curricular activities ranging from sport, to crafts to ICT either during the lunch break or after school. Each year the school produces a “What’s On” leaflet with full details.

  • What equipment does my child need for school?
    • Essential Equipment:
      Pupils need to be ready to learn in their lessons, which includes bringing in the correct equipment for all subjects. They will need a pen, pencil, ruler, eraser and pencil sharpener for all of their lessons. In some lessons they will also need coloured pencils/pens. A scientific calculator is also desirable but the best one for school will be recommended by the maths department.
    • School Planner:
      All students are provided with a planner at the beginning of the year. They must have their planner with them each day, treat it with respect and check it daily. Lost /ill-treated planners must be replaced at their own expense and can be bought from reception. As well as recording personal information, students will be able to use it to plan their time at school effectively, noting down homework, assignments, deadlines.
  • What is the schools policy on mobile phones?
    • Pupils are allowed to bring mobile phones to school but they must be switched off and kept in bags at all times – this includes break and lunchtimes. If a pupil is found to be using their phone without express permission to do so it will be confiscated and sent for safe keeping to A block. It will then need to be collected at the end of the school day.
    • Persistent failure to follow the school rules concerning mobile phone usage will lead to the phone being confiscated for longer periods of time and parents/cares being asked to collect from school.
    • There will be instances where staff ask pupils to use their phones e.g. when using QR codes in class.
  • What are the arrangements for lunch?
    • The school provides an excellent catering service for students to purchase a variety of hot and cold meals at reasonable prices. Facilities are also available that allow students to bring packed lunches. However, in the interest of other students with nut allergies, it is advisable that students do not include nuts or nut based products in packed lunches.
    • All students in Years 7 to 11 inclusive must remain on school site for the entire lunchtime period.
    • If you think your child is entitled to free school meals please contact reception in the first instance and we will be able to offer advice.
  • What about homework?
    • Homework is the name for all independent learning which happens outside of the classroom. Homework helps students develop their ability to work independently and away from teachers and their peers. Students will learn to:
      • Plan their time effectively.
      • Make sure that they are properly prepared.
      • Research, think and analyse for themselves.
      • Learn from mistakes corrected later in school.
    • Take pride in work completed alone.
    • The amount of homework will increase as students progress through school.

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